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Travertine Wall Cladding For Your Home

Like many building applications, travertine tiles can also be used for wall covering. If you are looking to have a good looking kitchen or bathroom without overspending, our travertine wall cladding are the perfect solution. As a travertine wall tiles supplier, we offer our customers the first quality travertine wall cladding at discounted rates. We offer a great number of creative options from light beige to noce color travertine wall cladding. It does not matter if you want to create your own design; you can mix different sizes and colors. Since travertine wall tiles are quite durable, easy to install and remove and also easy to clean (require little maintenance), they are the most effective choice for most people.

Using travertine wall cladding, you can achieve many different looks. Thanks to have a great variety of finishes and colors for travertine wall tiles, we may give you a chance to choose any of them for your type of project; whether you desire a modern or more antique look. You can find many styles in our stocks.

Finishes and colors may vary for your usage area. There are four main finishes for travertine wall tiles; these are: honed and filled, brushed, tumbled and chiseled.

Travertine Wall Cladding
Travertine Wall Cladding

Searching travertine market, we are continually learning the trend towards travertine wall tiles and selecting the most widely used travertine wall cladding with appropriate colors and finishes. The only thing you will do is to visit our web site and choose one of our first quality Turkish travertine wall tiles.

Owing to its long-lasting durability, travertine is a reliable material. You don’t bother if it will wear out in a short time. As well as durability, we also provide travertine tiles in rich tones for both interior and exterior usage. So you will get not only durable tiles but also luxurious and beautiful tiles.